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posted 19 Oct 2020, 13:17 by Lisa O'Neill   [ updated 19 Oct 2020, 13:35 ]

The Parish is happy to announce that a webcam has been installed in the Church allowing Mass to be live streamed over the internet commencing Sunday 25th October. Mass (behind closed doors) will be at 11:30 AM Sundays and 10:00 AM daily Mondays to Saturdays except for Tuesdays.

To watch Mass at home, a device (smart phone, tablet or PC) with internet (broadband) access is needed. Simply access Church Services TV website at www.churchservices.tv/howth and click the play  button. Adjust to full screen using the  button. Adjust sound volume as desired.

A link will also be provided from the Parish website www.howthparish.ie

Dependent on your TV set, it may be possible to link it to your internet device and watch Mass on the TV screen. For advice, input ‘connect my phone to my tv’ as a query on your browser and a number of helpful websites come up. Alternatively ask your TV service or aerial supplier.

The webcam normally has a field of view limited to the sanctuary (altar) area such that only the celebrant, cantor and ministers of the Word and Eucharist are visible on camera. For funerals, however, the field of view is adjusted to take in the coffin. As a result, occupants of the first two pew rows become partially visible. Briefly visible at all Masses with attendees present, will be those approaching the altar to receive Holy Communion.

The Parish is cognisant of the right to privacy of personal data as governed by GDPR. A Parish policy and procedure intended to assure such rights has been prepared. Present policy is that no Masses or services are recorded for later broadcast. To do so would introduce an unwarranted administrative burden.

While the new service will primarily benefit the housebound, it also offers all parishioners during the pandemic an opportunity to follow Mass in their own Church. In addition Howth people abroad have a new link to stay in touch with their Parish community.