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Howth Parish Youth Group [Event Finished]

posted 7 Jun 2011, 16:43 by A Clarke   [ updated 12 Jun 2011, 16:22 ]

Responding to the "Call"
Howth-Sutton Youth Fundraiser Walk:


This walk is a youth initiative to draw together young people from the four Christian Churches on the Peninsula with the common purpose of raising funds for two needy causes. The initiative is to facilitate our youth in getting to know each other better, while at the same time exploring and expressing their Christian faith together.

The walk will commence from the Methodist Church Hall, Church Road, Sutton and the route will proceed over the hill to end at St. Mary’s Parish Hall, Howth, where refreshments will be provided, concluding with a prayer of thanksgiving.

The youth age group will range from 12 year olds, making their Confirmation this year, to 16 year olds currently in Transition Year in secondary school. The two needy causes for which they will walk are a Haiti Project and Barretstown Children’s Clinic. A detailed operational plan is currently under preparation covering all aspects including insurance, security, parental consent, school contact, Garda permit and safety.
Sponsorship cards and buckets will be used to raise funds before and on the day, and all parishioners are asked to support as generously as possible in this new and ecumenical initiative.

Please bring this notice to the attention of your children and to those of your neighbours as well.

Further details will follow in next week’s Parish Newsletter, including registration procedure and commencement time.