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Celebrating Howth's Christian Heritage

posted 1 Jun 2011, 15:07 by A Clarke   [ updated 7 Jun 2011, 14:35 ]


The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) of the Parish of the Assumption Howth has come forward
with the following project which it proposes to the Ecumenical Group for their consideration.


Many hundreds of visitors come to Howth every weekend. They include, tourists, the 'New
lrish’ and of course many Dubliners all of whom come to enjoy everything that our beautiful
Peninsula has to offer. Some indeed visit our churches and stay to offer a prayer. ln recent
years, the Howth Peninsula Heritage Society and Fingal County Council have done much to
raise awareness of the special culture, fauna and flora that attach to the Peninsula.
ln many European countries (for example: France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria) it is
common to see a sign at the entrance to a village that displays the times of church services of
all the denominations with a place of worship there. Not only do such signs offer a useful
service to visitors, they are a token witness to a living Christian presence in that place.


Erect a large secure glass covered notice board at a place along Harbour Road that would:-
I. Provide a visually attractive information display of Howth’s Historic Christian heritage -the
monastic remains on lreland's Eye, St. Mary's Abbey, St. Fintan's Holy Well, all current and
former church buildings and convents (including the former Mariners Hall onthe West Pier, the
ruined chapel in Howth Castle Demesne and the former Catholic Church (Renaissance l-louse)
in Howth Wlage) and indeed the Cemeteries. It should also feature something about the
Garland of Howth in TCD Library with the Gospels of SS Matthew and Mark. Its background
could be a map ofthe Peninsula showing the locations of Christian buildings and ruins
2. In whatever text is included, it would be important to describe the buildings and artefacts
not just in their historical context but also in the context of their rich Christian faith symbolism
and witness.
Provide the times of Masses and Religious Services in the Churches on the Peninsula and
also their contact phone numbers.


lt is proposed that the concept would be developed by the Ecumenical Group with significant
input from the Howth Peninsula Heritage Society. A professional designer should be employed
to maximise the attractiveness and impact of the display. The cooperation of Fingal County