Parish Finance Committee

Parish Accounts 2009/2010. 


The most recent accounts of the parish relate to the year July 2009 to June 2010.  They show the income and spending of the parish to have been as follows


Envelope collection/standing orders                                                         55,228

Donations and bequests                                                                            7,100

Shrines                                                                                                   20,561

Fundraising event [proceeds of bric-a-brac sale]                                     2,758

Rental income                                                                                         29,957

Tax refund on donations to parish                                                            32,802

Miscellaneous                                                                                           1,317

Total                                                                                                     149,723             



Salaries, PAYE, PRSI                                                                           24,255

Rates and insurance                                                                               20,521              

Repairs and maintenance [net of insurance refunds]                                11,244

Light and electricity                                                                                 9,364             

Office expenses                                                                                      5,944

Security                                                                                                  1,898

Altar supplies                                                                                          2,943

Mass books and missalettes                                                                    6,041

School                                                                                                    2,111

Telephone, postage and stationery                                                           1,101

Audit fee and bank charges etc                                                                2,605

Shrines                                                                                                    5,894

Miscellaneous                                                                                          4,353

Capital spending                                                                                    17,810

Total                                                                                                     116,084                                      

Prior year adjustment                                                                                 1,095


Increase in Cash                                                                                      32,544     




Cash reserves available to the parish increased by €32,544 from €31,986 in July 2009 to €64,532 in June 2010.  [This increase in cash was almost entirely due to the tax rebate the parish received on the eligible donations of parishioners.]  A cash reserve of €64,532 is very small and leaves the parish without the resources to undertake any significant expenditure, apart from meeting the annual running costs. 


1.       The income figures above do not include any money raised in the Share collection taken up at week-end Masses.  As in all parishes in the diocese, income from this source is passed to the Archbishop’s House to meet the running costs of the diocese and for grants to poor parishes. 

2.       The expenditure figures above do not include incomes for the priests of the parish, nor do the income figures include receipts from Christmas and Easter dues or the proceeds of the collection at week-end Masses for “priests of the parish, priests in poorer parishes and sick and retired priests of the diocese”.  Receipts from this collection and from dues are paid, as in all parishes, to a fund in the diocese from which salaries/pensions are paid to all serving and retired priests of the diocese. 

3.       Money received from standing orders to the former Restoration Fund is included under the heading “Envelope collection/standing orders”


J. McCaffrey


Parish Finance Committee