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Second Sunday of Lent, 16th March 2014

Second Sunday of Lent, 16th March 2014

Read today’s Gospel story and then follow the links to colouring and activity pages.  You can print these out and complete them, they are related to the Gospel story you have just read.

Gospel for this Sunday:

(cf Matthew 17:1-10)

One day Jesus asked Peter, James and John to come pray with him. He led them to the top of a steep mountain, where it was peaceful and quiet, and they could be alone. Jesus began to pray to his heavenly Father when suddenly he appeared to change!  His face and clothes shone with a brilliant light, as dazzling as the rays of the sun. Then the disciples saw Moses and Elijah on either side of Jesus, talking to him.  Peter jumped up with excitement and said, “Lord, this is wonderful! I could make three shelters – one for each of you!”

At that moment a cloud streaming with light appeared above them, and a voice said, “This is my Son, whom I love very much.  Listen to what he says.”  The disciples were so terrified that they threw themselves to the ground and hid their faces.  Then Jesus said gently, “Get up my friends, do not b afraid.” When they looked up, Jesus was standing alone. As they came down the mountain together, Jesus told them firmly, “You must not tell anyone about what you have seen today, until the Son of God has risen from the dead.”

Links for this Sunday:

  • Click here for this week's Colouring Page 
  • Click here for this week's activity page and here for a crossword.
  • Click here for this week's Trócaire activities.

Prayer for Second week of Lent:

Dear God,

Peter, James and John
Saw the light of your glory
Shining from Jesus
on the mountain that day.
Jesus shares that light
and his love with all of us.
May the light in our hearts
Help us to “change”
So that we will be more like Jesus;
Filled with his joy,
Happiness and goodness.