Lent 2014

Below you will find a link for each of the six Sundays of Lent.

On each of these pages you will find: 
  • the Gospel for each Sunday of Lent taken from the children’s Lectionary and read at the 10.30am Family Mass on Sunday. 
  • There are links to a colouring page (for younger children) and an activity page (for older children).
  • There is also a prayer suitable for each week of Lent. You may like to say this as a family each day.
  • Trócaire activities for children for each Sunday of Lent . (These are in one document, follow the link and open the page for the appropriate Sunday.)
The 6 Sundays of Lent (visit each week to find the page for that Sunday)

We hope that these resources will be of help to you in your observance of Lent.

Howth Family Mass team

Trócaire Lenten campaign 2014

The focus for this year’s Trócaire Lenten campaign is on the global water crisis and on how Trócaire is working with communities to help them gain access to clean water for domestic consumption and agricultural use. Water has a huge impact on the lives of all human beings and on all creation.

The girl pictured on this year’s Trócaire Lenten box is Enestina Muyeye from the Kanyera community in Malawi, one of the world’s poorest countries. 

Enestina is 9 years old and has to collect water twice daily for her family. This is a kilometre round trip and sometimes Enestina must carry 15 litres of water on her back which leads to severe back and neck pains. During the dry season the queue for water can take hours and Enestina misses out on time at school. 

To find out more about Enestina and Trócaire’s work in her community visit here.