Family Mass Team

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The Family Mass group is dedicated to encouraging children’s participation in the celebration of the Mass.  This supports their learning about Jesus’ message of love and kindness to all.  The Family Mass suits all ages while keeping the theme of the Mass simple and the celebration of the Mass to the forefront.


The group plan all Family Masses (10.30am on Sundays) to follow the theme of the Sunday or feast day in a way which children can understand.  Readings are specially chosen to suit the younger listener and homilies, prayers of the faithful and music are planned to match the theme of the day.


There’s lots of music, action, colour and celebration in our masses.  Children of all ages can take part in processions, readings, homily discussions and action songs which celebrate the Eucharist in a special way.


Music is a big part of any celebration and all musicians and singers are very welcome to join the choir.


You can contact the family mass group through the parish office.  We would love to hear any comments and be delighted with any help you can offer in terms of planning, helping, reading, singing or any skill!