Parish Newsletter Sunday 21st July 2012

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Posted by Dorothy Heydon Tuesday 23rd July 2012

SIXTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                            (29/12)


Seeing Your Life Through The Lens of The Gospels

Mark 6:30-34
1 The apostles reported to Jesus all that they had done and taught.  Perhaps you have had the experience of being able to check in with somebody and share an experience.  What was that like for you?


2 Jesus saw that the apostles needed to rest and eat.  What has been your experience of finding a restful place after a busy day?  What kind of nourishment have you found necessary in order to live with energy and enthusiasm?  What have these insights taught you about life?


3 When Jesus saw the crowd, he recognised their need and reached out to them.  Who has been a Jesus person for you, someone who recognised your need and reached out to you? For whom have you been a Jesus person in that way?


4 It sometimes can be difficult to strike a balance between responding to the needs of others and meeting our need for rest and nourishment.  What has helped you to keep the balance right?

                                                                       John Byrne OSA  Email


Questions people ask

Q. Isn’t it wrong to hold concerts in churches?  A consecrated church is God’s house and no place for secular music.
A. What do you mean by secular music?  Just because a song does not directly refer to God doesn’t make it unsuitable.  Music, for those who have an ear to hear, is one of the greatest sources of beauty, and every time we experience beauty it is a tiny anticipation of the supreme ecstasy of the beatific vision.  Why should the devil have all the good music?  I have been at many concerts in church and felt spiritually uplifted by the beauty of the music and the God-given talents of the performers.

                                             Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap Email




This year’s Howth Parish Pilgrimage to Knock has now been arranged for SUNDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER.   Cost - €50 - which includes Coach, Lunch (Tea/Coffee/Sandwiches) and Evening Dinner at the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon.  Bookings may be made in the Parish Office/Sacristy weekday mornings.




Please remember in your prayers, GERRY O’SHEA, who died during the week.  We offer our sympathy to his wife, Mary and all the family.  May he rest in peace.


MASS INTENTIONS  22nd – 29th July 2012

Sunday 22nd July

Vigil (7.00 p.m. Sat. 21st July)            Keith Lawless  (19th Anniv)

 8.30 a.m.                                            Fr. Walter Hegarty  (Recently Deceased)

10.30 a.m.                                           Tony McLoughlin  (12th Anniv)

12.00 noon                                         Niall O’Brien    (10th Anniv)

Tuesday 24th July

 8.00 a.m.                                         Cecil Browne  (Recently Deceased)

Wednesday 25th July

 8.00 a.m.                                         Paddy O’Rourke

Thursday 26th July

10.00 a.m.                                         Liam Sweeney (6th Anniv)

Friday 27th July

 8.00 a.m.                                          Myles McDonagh  (Recently Deceased)

Saturday 28th July

11.00 a.m.                                         Mona Menton  (8th Anniv)

Sunday 29th July

Vigil (7.00 p.m. Sat. 28th July)        Brendan Reid (2nd Anv)

  8.30 a.m.                                          A Special Intention

10.30 a.m.                                          John Sugrue    (12th Anniv)

12.00 noon                                        Michael Creenane

 7.00 p.m.                                           Harry and Brigid Howard


The parish community warmly welcomes Robert James Fagan and Harry Peter Cahill who were baptised recently in our Church.  Congratulations and every joy to their proud Parents, Grand parents, God parents and extended family.



We hope to have a Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes 12th September 2012 for five nights.  The cost per person sharing will be €749.00 - Full Board accommodation in the Hotel Gallia Londres which is close to the Grotto.  For more details please call into the Parish Office/Sacristy mornings Mon -Weds. and Friday 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. or Tel. 839 7398


Friends of Balscadden Bay (“Fobb”) invite you to their Annual “Summer Swim and Barbeque on the beach” at Balscadden Bay, Howth on Sunday 19th August  12 noon to 3.00 p.m.   Lifeguard will be in attendance.  Bring your own food or burgers on sale for €3  All welcome



The Annual collection for Peter’s Pence, the Pope’s charities, which took place on 1st July, amounted to €1,330  Thank you for your generosity  This collection replaced the usual SHARE collection.


Scripture Readings for the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Monday 23rd July

Saint Bridget of Sweden              Feast

Gal 2:19-20. Ps 33: 2-11, R/ v2, Alt R v9. Jn 15: 1-8

Tuesday 24th July

Mic 7:14-15, 18-20. Ps 84: 2-8, R/ v8. Mt 12: 46-50

Wednesday 25th July

Saint James       Feast

2 Cor 4:7-15. Ps 125, R/ v5. Mt 20: 20-28

Thursday 26th July

Saints Joachim and Anne (Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Jer 2: 1-3, 7-8, 12-13. Ps 35:6-11, R/ v10. Mt 13: 10-17

Friday 27th July

Jer 3: 14-17. Ps Jer 31:10-13, R/ v2. Mt 13: 18-23

Saturday 28th July

Jer 7: 1-11. Ps 83:3-6, 8, 11, R/ cf. v10. Mt 13: 24-30

Sunday 29th July

2 Kg 4: 42-44. Ps 144:10-11, 15-18, R/ v16. Eph 4 1-6. Jn 6: 1-15

There are a limited number of places for the School year 2012/2013 available.  Contact Scoil Mhuire 
Tel 832 3572 or the Parish Office at Tel. 839 7398 or email

SOCIETY OF SAINT VINCENT de PAUL - Annual Clothing Appeal

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is seeking your help in its Annual Clothing Appeal.  The appeal is for clean, good-quality clothes, bed-clothes, curtains and shoes.  Bags will be distributed on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August 2012.  The collection of the bags will take place on Sunday 12th August DURING THE MORNING MASSES ONLY.  The Society is conscious of the tremendous support given by the Parishioners of this Parish over the years and thank you most sincerely on behalf of those you have helped.



If you are going abroad on holiday, why not pick up a missalette from the Sacristy.  Missalettes are available for a few weeks ahead.

Enjoy your holiday.



Sunday 15th July – First Collection  €815 and the Share collection   €565