The Broken Vessel

Confirmation Reflection

The following reflection and introduction to it were read at the special family
Mass for confirmation students in Howth on Sunday 26th Feb 2012. Maria is a 6th
class pupil at Scoil Mhuire and Christina is her Mum

No Pit so Deep

Introduction to reflection

Corrie ten Boom was a girl who lived with her family in Holland during World War 2. Her family fixed
clocks and helped the Jews. Some neighbours told the Germans that they were hiding some Jews and
they were put in a prisoner of war camp. Everyone in Corrie’s family died except herself and including
her sister Betsie. Later when she met the Nazi prison guard she was full of hate but she asked God to
give her strength to forgive him. She spent the rest of her life giving talks on forgiveness. This is a poem
my mum wrote on Corrie ten Boom.

By Christina Molloy

Said Corrie ten Boom when she was at the end.
Just lost her sister -her very best friend-
and yet held to the truth until the bitter end.
Saying to her Nazi guard, 'I forgive you brother'
Even though she hated his sins, that only God could cover.
And cover them He did, for He is faithful and true,
He forgives All who turn to Him, no matter what we do.
By forgiving her persecutor, she restored his faith.
Despite his hideous crimes and past,
To peace with his Maker make.
So, let’s remember Corrie,
When our cup is not overflowing,
It’s only by giving, and forgiving - again -
That our own love keeps on growing..

Now, what does ”he went up” mean? It means that first he came down to the lowest depths of the
earth. (Ephesians 4.9)